Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"There's no place like home..."

Getting ready for a quick visit... it's been too long since we've seen Mom and Dad. It will be quick, and jam-packed, but still nice.

If you're a friend living in the Philly area, I probably won't have much time at all apart from family things, so please forgive me if I don't get a chance to visit. Just sayin'...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now that's what I call political support!

Something tells me this guy's gonna have some problems at home, even if McCain DOES win the election.
ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (AP) — A new father has secretly named his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin after the Republican ticket for president and vice president. Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton put that name on the documents for the girl's birth certificate, ignoring the name Ava Grace, which he and his wife had picked earlier.

"I don't think she believes me yet," he told the Kingsport Times-News. "It's going to take some more convincing."

Posting to blogger can be fun

Jsut checking to see if this still works...
The Phillies won GAME 1 LAST NIGHT! Yahoooooo! I was reading Shane Victorino's blog (Phillies CF) about how/why he got thrown out at the plate...
"Oh, and on my trying to score on that shallow fly ball. That was a  miscommunication between Steve Smith and myself. I heard, 'go.' He said, 'No.' B.J. Upton made a great play and has got a great arm. I don't know why I tried to test him there. But we got the win, and that's all it's about. We were able to overcome some things tonight and pull out a win."
Here's what Dad has to say...
"From my blog" . . .  Good coaching would be to position yourself to be in sight of the runner and then drop your upraised arm at the moment of the catch (if you want to try to score the runner) - or give the stop sign if you're not going to have him break.  We all learned in school that the speed of sight is faster than the speed of sound.
I tell ya, I learned from the best! Go Coach Rezer!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Those Phightin' Phils!

Wowwwweeeee! I'm so excited I can scarcely contain myself. Those of you who know sports know that this doesn't happen for Philadelphia fans very often... so you'll need to excuse our complete and utter ecstacy right now!

It's been a lot of fun watching the games over the past few weeks, and one thing that's been even more fun is being able to watch parts of some of them with Sarah. While I can't say that she's a baseball fan AT ALL (she would rather watch football if given the choice), she knows quite a bit about sports in general, including knowing retired player names and things like the fact that the Dodgers used to be from Brooklyn. How many non-NYer women know that? Very few, I expect.

While watching the games, recently she's come up with a few comments recently that had be rolling. Let the quoting begin:

S: "Is that the manager?" (referring to Phils skipper Charlie Manuel)

J: "Yep."

S: "He looks like HE's had a few beers... look at his belly! It's all pointy..."

and referring to Manny Ramirez, Dodgers OF:

S: "Whooooaa -- what's up with HIS hair?"

and the best of all, referring to Manny's helmet...

S: "What's up with his batting helmet? It's all full o' crap..."

J: "Probably just pine-tar. They use it on their gloves to keep the bat from slipping."

S: "Well it looks like someone took a crap all over his helmet... it's NAAAASTY!"

(Sorry this is an old picture... apparently he liked spreading pine tar all over his helmet in Boston too!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just keep winning...

This is all I have to say...

Michigan, OSU -- here we come!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Since my last post...

I have lost two straight games. Hopefully we can turn that tide this week with a win and improve to 4-2. I've had some tough luck, leaving some guys on the bench that played well and at the same time having my stars get shut down unexpectedly... but "Them's the breaks..." I also tied a game last week and ended up losing on the tiebreaker, which was Fantasy D points allowed. What can you do? I won a game the same way earlier in the season, so I figure it's all karma, baby.

More to come... but first, a video of Ethan's 3rd birthday! We had a blast. Make sure you check out the photo gallery on Picasa!